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COVID-19 Updates

Thank you for visiting our COVID-19 updates page.  We will post SSL's most recent protocols and information on here.  

Effective June 20, 2021

As stated in our vision statement, we are a vibrant, loving community with the motto, “Respond with Love.” One way we can practice love during this unprecedented time is to create a mask-friendly community. Our Board provides these guidelines as we move forward. We understand that these procedures will continue to change and evolve in the days and weeks ahead. We continue to respond with love to the changing environment. We will continue to update our website, Facebook page and other postings to keep you up dated on the current process. We currently ask for your assistance in the following ways:

  • We will no longer take temperature at the door. Please, if you are not feeling well or exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19, stay home. Click here for LA County Public Health COVID-19 information
  •  We respectfully request that properly placed masks continue to be worn in the lobby and in the sanctuary, except by the speakers and musicians when they are on stage.
  • “Reserved” paper signs will be available if you wish to maintain social distance. Just place the sign on the seat/s next to you as a signal that you are practicing social distancing.
  • Weather permitting, during Harmony Hall social hour, indoor and outdoor seating will be available. 
  •  Out of respect for one another, we are asking that you ask permission of others before approaching or hugging them. 

    Comfort Indicator Procedure

    Sunday Colored Badges: We all desire to love and respect each other, we are so delighted to see each other that the temptation is to spontaneously rush towards each other and hug.

    But in this time period we need to find a way to signal each other about where we are with social distancing. and we need to be able to tell before we are a foot away with outstretched arms! No one wants to make a social blunder. And we all want to create a safe environment for all the different choices that we as individuals are making.

    To this end, we have created a colored badge system for church, so we can tell what are friends want and need to feel safe in church. So, what is your color?

    What’s Your Color? 

    The color green – OPEN 🤗
    Green indicates you are open to hugging or touching AND it will show that you respect and honor those who wear a different color.
    The color yellow – THINKING
    Yellow tells people you are still measuring your options and are more comfortable social distancing.  Yellow tells people “Ask me before you approach or touch me.”
    The color red – DISTANCING 

    Red is for people who know they desire to remain socially distanced.

    *As a gesture of love we will not be asking people to disclose or prove their vaccination status.

                     Centers for Spiritual Living 

                  COVID-19 Vaccination Update

    Published September 28, 2021

    This statement is offered in response to questions regarding Centers for Spiritual Living’s stance on Covid-19 vaccinations. Our founder, Dr. Ernest Holmes, wrote that in the practice of Science of Mind, there is no place for “arrogance or the holier-than-thou attitude. The great have always been humble. The great have always been kind. The great have always been lovers of humanity.” 

    We begin our statement, therefore, with great love and compassion for the diversity of thought that exists among our members. We acknowledge that as spiritual beings, we are self-determining and have personal freedom and choice. We acknowledge that this individuality expresses itself as a continuum of opinions related to vaccinations.  

    Because vaccination decisions are often influenced by religion (1) or sincerely held spiritual beliefs (2), we are compelled to confirm that there are no precepts or strictures against vaccinations or receiving medical treatment of any kind within Centers for Spiritual Living... 

    Click here to download the full document.

    Click here to go to the CSL website to view this statement.

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