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Announcing! Due to the COVID 19 Quarantine "Safer at Home" state regulations, our beloved church has moved all services to Livestream on Facebook.


  • Friday, April 16 6:00 pm Board of Trustees Meeting (via Zoom)
  • Saturday, April 17 9:30 am Practitioner Meeting (via Zoom)
  • Sunday, April 18  7:00 pm Taize Meditation Service
  • Tuesdays, beginning April 20 6:30 pm "The Power of Myth" Class with Rev. Dr. Kristina Collins
  • Saturday, May 1 4:00 pm International Labyrinth Day Walk
  • Saturday, May 8  11:00 am Mother's Day Luncheon

Links to this Week's Service Recordings

Sunday, Wednesday "Open at the  Top"  

and Friday "Inspiration by the Bay"

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Sunday Service April 11, 2021 "God is a Verb" Rev. Dr. Kristina Collins

  • 0:00:00   Welcome & Invocation
  • 015:15    Sunday Talk 
  • 0:51:30   Healing Meditation

Inspiration by the Bay April 9, 2021 Rev. Dr. Carol Bliss

Open at the Top: Live Your Best Life April 7, 2021 Rev. Dr. Greg Dorst

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  • Sunday, Jan 24 Taize Service
  • Friday, Jan 29 6:00 pm: Virtual Movie Night & PickUp Dinner "Inside Out" 
  • Tuedays, Feb 2 - Mar 9 6:30 pm: "Great American Documents" Class
  • Sunday, Feb 14 1:30 pm: Bridget Miradian's Virtual Memorial

COVID 19 and Church Safety

May 22, 2020


Your Board of Trustees and Ministers want to inform you of the planning we have done for a progressive reopening of our beloved Sanctuary for Spiritual Living. We believe in Love operating in an orderly process of creation. Ernest Holmes stated that Love points the way, Law makes the way possible. When we ask ourselves, “What does Love want?” we hear, “Love expresses itself in Health, Wholeness and Vitality in an environment of Safety and Security.”

In answer to this call, we have studied material created by experts in the field of sanitation, pandemic situations and public health. These sources include (but are not limited to) the Centers for Disease Control (CDC - various publications on COVID-19), U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (The Partnership Center’s “Recommended Preventative Practices for Faith-based and Community Leaders”), Smart Church Solutions (“Post-Coronavirus Facility Re-opening Checklist”), Church Mutual Insurance (our Insurance company’s “Recommendations for a Safe Return to Worship”), and the Los Angeles County Health Department (reports on current spread of the virus and records of daily deaths due to the virus), among other information.

We have numerous steps which need to be taken to ensure a safe and responsible reopening that expresses our love and caring for you, our congregation. We also know that we alone are responsible for our decisions and actions in every situation, so while we consider information from government agencies, we do not take direction from any of them. We take direction from the Inner Authority that guides each one of us with consideration of the outer information from our environment. Ernest Holmes told us to “Pray and make the necessary life-style changes.”  That is the process we are involved in now.

Based on both inner guidance and information of what needs to be done to create the safest environment for our Spiritual Community’s home we are not re-opening at this time. We have been using the time we are shut down to prepare by creating a new order of service for Sundays, improving our live-streaming technology for the benefit of the community, scheduling improvements to the property that will improve our sanitation in bathrooms and at the lobby and sanctuary doors.

In the first phase of our reopening we are focused on restoring the regular services to our sanctuary in a way that protects our congregation, our staff and our ministers. This includes things like service to our A/C units to ensure clean air, improvements to the Sanctuary bathrooms with automatic no-touch dispensers, faucets and possibly toilets (we work within a balanced budget). This will also require considerations from all of you to willing wear masks, sanitize your hands on coming into services and staying home if you have symptoms of any illness. (We will be posting what to look for as you self-assess your health.) We also want to ensure both quality in-person and online services, to serve all of your individual choices about attendance. We are cautiously optimistic that we will be looking towards July for this stage of opening. However, our final decisions on an opening date will be dependent on a reduction of cases and deaths in L.A. County and our ability to do the improvements needed to the Sanctuary building.

In the second phase of our reopening we will be focused on reopening Harmony Hall and our classrooms. We will not resume our beloved community meals until there is a way to be healthy together. We will expand our facility improvements (adhering to budget considerations) to Harmony Hall during phase one.

We are proud of the response of our Board, Ministers, Staff and volunteers to this unprecedented situation. We have not missed a Service or class and have created ways to stay soul-connected during this time of social distancing.

We ask that each of you join us in our prayers for each other and our Sanctuary for Spiritual Living. Know with us that Love and Wisdom guide us, protect us and provide for us. Each person in our Spiritual Community is essential to us.


The members of the Board of Trustees: Kellie Mulhern Davis, Jan Uebersetzig, Peggy Huber, Agnes Dobos, Judy Mathis, Mary Paine

Rev. Dr. Kristina Collins, Rev. Dr. Greg Dorst, Rev. Dr. Carol Bliss


Click Here to view Sanctuary for Spiritual Living's complete Pandemic Plan

Beloved SSL Family,

Please see below for current event and service information: 

Sunday and Open at the Top Wednesday Services:  If you have any symptoms of illness, in a higher risk group, or simply want to act with caution, please stay home.  We are currently live-streaming our services on our church’s Facebook account. Please join our Facebook Group to be able to view the services. To Join Facebook, simply go to and create an account.  After you have joined, please also join the Sanctuary for Spiritual Living Facebook Group by clicking here.  If you need any assistance with joining Facebook or finding our group, please contact Peggy at 818-271-0369. Please text first to request a phone or in-person meeting for tech support.

When visiting the church, please continue to practice safe distance and limit greeting to elbow bumps, Namaste, and air hugs.

We will serve coffee in Harmony Hall after Sunday Services, but no food will be served for now.  Our volunteers are discussing ways in which we can more safely and effectively provide food service.  Until then, we will be keeping our offerings simple.  

Classes: Reverend Kris is preparing to offer our classes online using Zoom technology.  Please look for information in your email inboxes with instructions and links to join classes in Zoom.  

Spring Cleaning: Subs and Bubbles Release Your Troubles retreat will be postponed until after the pandemic has been lifted. If you have already paid for registration, your love offering is being held and will be applied when we are able to reschedule the retreat.  If you decide you want to cancel attendance let Rev. Kris know and she will process a cancellation and send you a check.   

Anton Mizerak and Laura Berryhill concert scheduled for 3/22 has been cancelled. We will announce when they will be able to resume their tour and schedule the date they will perform for us here at SSL. 

We appreciate your continued financial support and pledges to our wonderful Sanctuary. About 35% of our budget comes from classes, events and rentals. The expenses are of course on-going, although some will drop because of us not heating rooms.
You can make your donations by credit or debit by using the button below,  or simply mailing a check to the Sanctuary.

Use this button to The Sanctuary for Spiritual Living

We understand the concern and disappointment at having to postpone the events we have been so looking forward to.  Be conscious that these measures are temporary and we hold Divine anticipation for all to return to normal in time.  We embrace cooperation with CDC guidelines for staying safe and preventing the spread of COVID 19 as part of our spiritual practice affirming wholeness and vibrant life for all.

You will soon receive information on SSL's comprehensive plan to manage services, classes and meetings in light of the COVID 19 pandemic.

From my heart to yours, 
Rev. Dr. Kristina Collins

    "God is my Wholeness, Strength and Life. I am vibrant, healthy and strong." 

From my heart to yours,

Reverend Dr. Kristina Collins

Open at the Top" service at 7:00 pm

We help one another to see Life’s “big picture” and to allow God to fully embrace our lives for true health, happiness and well-being.

A Wednesday meeting place where Rev. Greg Dorst JD, CADC II brings people together to experience the Science of Mind in everyday life.

Rev. Greg says, “We all have our issues in life, our ups and downs. Let’s use the greatest set of spiritual tools known to humankind, literally given to use by Ernest Holmes and the mystics, to apply to our real-world situations. How you make these ideas ‘work’ in your life is the challenge. To learn about our philosophy is one thing, to LIVE it is another.”

Connect with Rev. Greg on Twitter Top @g_dorst

Visit Rev. Greg's You Tube VLogs

    Our Church family opens its arms to you!

    If you are here for the first time, we hope your visit will give you a sense of what our community is about. We are people from all walks of life, joined by a common belief in the Eternal Presence we call God, who created a perfect universe with love. We embrace Life as a gift to be appreciated to its fullest. We accept all humanity in the conviction that we are all one in creation.

    This website is intended to provide basic information on who we are, what we believe in, and how we put it in daily practice. If you live in Southern California, come and spend some time with us. If you are visiting our region, stop by to take a respite from your travels. You will find our welcome as warm as our weather.

    For those of you who are already familiar with our Church, welcome back. This website is published to give you up to date information on the many activities taking place every month. You can hear about the people you know and love, and schedule to visit us on special occasions, or every Sunday. Either way, a loving SOM hug awaits you!

    Please take a look at a schedule of our events and classes, go to the SSL Church Calendar Page.

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