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Halloween Dress Rehearsal Party

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Live Auction

*Bids will begin at deeply discounted prices. We'd like everyone to have a chance to own something they love.

Thomas Kinkade "The Garden of Prayer"   

Donated by: Peggy Manzi

Description: 25.5"x34"   Limited Edition Lithograph

A beautiful and serene ambience is created by this piece, complete with a charming gazebo surrounded by a trickling stream and colorful flowers and trees.  The path invites you to stroll in solitude among nature, free to go deeper into meditation.  This artwork includes a description and a certificate of authentication from the Thomas Kinkade galleries.

                                                                                   *Estimated value: $395

Green Tara 

Donated by: Don Schmidt estate

Description: 24” x 35 1/2” Original Oil painting by Don Schmidt, with gold and silver leaf on Masonite board. 

A gorgeous artist's expression of the story of the Green Tara, depicting the Tibetan bodhisattva Shyamatara (Green Tara) and Avalokiteshvara, her creator. To see the whole story, you'll have to purchase this masterpiece by our very own Don Schmidt.   

*Estimated value: $840

Circus Tattooed Lady

Donated by: Don Schmidt estate

Description:  31.5” x 21.5”  Original Oil on Canvas, painted by Don Schmidt

This beautifully tattooed circus lady brings you into the scene with her exotic looks and alluring gaze.  Her tattoos are tastefully accented by a chiffon wrap. You can almost hear the circus barkers now... "Come, see the Tattooed Lady, a once-in-a-lifetime vision!" 

                                                                                                      *Estimated Value: $650

“Lady Liberty’s Independence Day Enterprising Immigrants”

Artist: Charles Wysocki 

Donated by: Diane Glock

Description: Sold-out, Limited Edition Signed and Numbered Lithograph Print (#1007 out of 1500); signed by Charles Wysocki. Print size is 20" x 24" and is custom-framed, double-matted in a frame size 29" x 34."  The original certificate of authenticity is included.  

*Estimated value: $475

Peruvian Fisherman

Artist: Unknown

Donated by: Diane Glock

Description:   Framed dimension 15.5" x 18.5". This lovely, authentic piece was brought back from Peru by Diane Glock.  She found this original painting of our weathered fisherman for sale outside a local home in Nasca Plains, Machu Pichu, Peru. 

*Estimated value: $250.00

Spline-Jointed Child’s chair:

Created by our dear Pat McKee.

This beautiful and strong piece has no nails or screws in the frame, just in the seat cover. It is held together by spline joints.

Meant to be loved and used for generations.

Donated by Laura Lampys.

Estimated value: $125


Unique Desk or Table Chair 

Custom upholstery, 2 matching pillows.  

From the estate of Bridget Muradian     

Estimated value: $110 estimated

Antique Child’s Corner Chair

From the estate of Bridget Muradian.  Perfect corner accent piece.                      

$125 estimated value


Very sturdy bureau (or if you prefer, chest of drawers). Four large drawers, two small ones. You can never have enough storage and this piece is also vey attractive. 

From the estate of Bridget Muradian.

Estimated value $140

Elegant Accent Chair

From the estate of Bridget Muradian

Value $120

Antique Occasional Table

From the estate of Bridget Muradian

Estimated value $80.

Blue Huffy Bicycle

Gently used Girl’s bike, ridden very few miles                                                                           

Estimated Value: $140

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